How do we summarize the significance of Diwali? Do we begin at the origin- how the people of Ayodhya lit up their homes to welcome their beloved Lord Rama after 14 years? Or has Diwali evolved over time to something more personal and intimate.

So let’s put on our brand new clothes, get our families and explore Diwali together!

Diwali cannot be complete without lighting the traditional earthen lamps (diyas) and large firework displays. People adorn their houses with imaginative rangoli artworks. During Diwali, families and friends not only share sweets and gifts with each other but also with those indigent.

People welcome the festivity by dusting away all that is old to welcome the new. There is an old saying that the family that works together grows together. A ‘jugal bandi’ follows as everyone in the family divides their work, shop together, buying all that is necessary and all that is not! This culmination of laughter, gossip, selfies, gifts and food creates a kaleidoscope of so many wonderful memories with our loved ones.

In the end, what makes Diwali memorable is the intricate bond we share with our family. In the joys we share, to the food we eat, to the crackers we see decorating the night sky, everything comes together to make Diwali so special for us.

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