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Minimise your property management worries with Embassy Maximise.

why embassy maximise?


From renting to reselling, we’ll take care of all your asset management needs.

Staying true to our promise of enriching lives, we’d like to introduce Embassy Maximise – an enterprise that helps you get the best out of your home by combining our passion for excellence with 30 years of deep industry knowledge. Known for being market leaders in terms of distinct and differentiated products, our properties are often a destination for high-profile tenants who want to rent luxury homes. Embassy Maximise will make sure you get the largest possible rental yields, while also focusing on hassle-free transition and tenant retention.

By providing personalised services to each homeowner and having excellent product knowledge about projects, our team can also get you the best returns on reselling your properties.

No one can help you unlock your home’s potential the way Embassy Maximise can. We’ll be there for you every step of the way.

Scope of services

Bengaluru is the epicentre or real estate activity. The exponential rise in job opportunities due to improving infrastructure and influx of a strong talent pool has increased demand of good residential spaces.
Embassy has 3 decades of expertise with 53 million sq.ft. spread across commercial and residential spaces in Bengaluru.

Account, risk
& property
  • Manages invoicing, collection, and payments related to your property.
  • Takes care of taxes, statutory assessments, and any risk management needs.
Site inspection,
negotiation, and
  • Handles site visits by prospective tenants.
  • Manages negotiation and signing of contracts.
  • Creates a promotion and marketing strategy that’s perfect for you.
  • Promotes your property through our vast array of existing contacts.
Leasing, renting,
tenancy identification
& management
  • Finds you the right tenants using our extensive network of high-profile connections.
  • Takes care of any tenancy management needs.
  • Supervises the execution of any changes that you may want to make to your home.
  • Handles invoicing and collection related to it.
  • Helps you resell your home.
  • Makes sure you get high returns.
& utility services
  • Handles utility maintenance and repair on a daily basis.
  • Coordinates with vendors and oversees any work the owner has pre-approved.





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Get the Embassy Advantage

Embassy Group is one of the biggest property developers in India. A huge part of this success owes itself to our ability to develop and sustain relationships.

This relationship-centric ethos is at the heart of Embassy Maximise. Working closely with you to offer personalized end-to-end solutions, Embassy Maximise will help turn your address into a high-performing asset.