6 Activities Your Kids Will Love in North Bangalore

Like the saying – all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy – kids these days need fun activities to be active. Luckily, North Bangalore has plenty of fun places for your kids.
However, you can always adopt a recycling habit to spruce up your living space.
Here are some of the places in North Bangalore that are for kids:

1. Fun World & Water World

Kids love playing in the water, especially during the summer time. Fun World & Water World in Palace Grounds offers various activities for kids other than just water-related games. From a roller coaster to mini-train ride, Ferris wheel to hang glider; your kids will enjoy here.

2. Wow World in Fun World

When it comes fun activities for kids, Wow World in Fun World JC in JC Nagar has plenty in store. The place has electronic games, semi-robotic games to name a few. Also, the 12-lane bowling alley is the best way to introduce them to bowling.

3. Snow City, Jayamahal

To experience snow in Bangalore is a treat for anyone. Located in JC Nagar, Snow City promises a whole lot of fun for kids and adults alike. The snow-themed park is maintained at -5° C all around the year and includes games like ice slides, snow box, snow party and more.

4. Scary House, Malleshwaram

If spooking is your idea of fun for your kids, then the scary house won’t disappoint you. The scary house is a highlight of Mantri Mall, Malleshwaram. Here, your kids will find plenty of reasons why getting spooked sometimes is a fun thing. However, if your kids dislike it, you can skip the place and look for other fun activities in the mall.

5. TIMEZONE Crèche, Orion Mall – Malleshwaram West

If you want your kids to get lost in time and enjoy their heart out, then this place is a must-visit. TIMEZONE Crèche, situated on the second floor of Orion Mall, Malleshwaram West, offers a plethora of simulation games that will keep your kids entertained. Be sure to have plenty of time on your hands because your kids will love taking their time exploring here.

6. Jakkur Aerodrome, Jakkur

Seeing the world from the sky is a feeling that every kid should experience once in their lifetime. Among many things, Jakkur Aerodrome located on Bellary Road, Yelahanka, is best known for its hot air balloon ride. It is the best way to make your kids see a different perspective of the world.
At Embassy Springs, Bangalore’s biggest and best planned city, we strongly believe that kids need space outside the four corners of the walls of a home. There are a plethora of recreational options including dedicated courts and spaces to play sports like tennis, squash, cricket and football.