Bringing a baby into this world is a big responsibility. As new parents, you wish to ensure the best for your child. Therefore, it is important to baby-proof the house long before he or she actually arrives. Here are some ways to make your house baby-proof.

The nursery- Parents always put so much effort into decorating the nursery that they might forget the important aspect. Since your child will spend its maximum time in this room, it is imperative to baby-proof the nursery. Some of the simpler ways to do so are to place the supplies, like baby wipes, diapers on a height so that your baby cannot reach them. Also, remove furniture away from the crib. Some safety concerns that require time are window locks. They are very important so that you can securely lock them when your baby is asleep in the room.

The kitchen- Installing safety tassels and cords helps in securing the blinds or curtains that you may have in the kitchen. All the sharp items and unused electrical appliances such as mixers knives are best to store away when not in use. It is important to note that, drawer locks are placed wherever such appliances and items are stored. Another important item that helps in baby proofing is socket locks. They ensure that your electrical sockets are closed when not in use.

The living room- It is safe to hide the electrical cords and possibly mount the television on the wall. Also, if you have a stairway inside your home, it is important that you place baby gates on the top and bottom of the staircase. If you have any sharp edges, possibly of your center table or any other furniture, it is important to install locks for the sharp corners so that your baby does not harm itself.

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