With Republic Day just around the corner, we are here with some delicacies that will soothe your taste buds while nurturing the patriot in your soul. This ‘Indian’ twist to these varied items comes from a creative bent of mind. While some may use natural coloring, other need to be made incorporating different items whose colours resemble our Indian flag. So without further ado, let’s plunge into the list below, we are sure you will be smacking your lips in no time.


To make your very own Orange pistachio white chocolate cremeux, we need the following ingredients.emailer

Pistachio cremeux (for bottom layer)
Water, Castor sugar, Liquid glucose, Gelatin, Water for gelatin, Pistachio pure, Whipped cream

Method: First, boil the sugar, glucose and add in the gelatin with pistachio paste. Remember, it should be warm in temperature. Next, we need to whip the cream, fold it with pistachio mix pour them into the bottom of the glasses.

White chocolate mousse (for middle layer)
Egg yolk, Castor sugar, Water, Glucose, Gelatine, Water for gelatin, White chocolate, Butter, Whipped cream, Cooking cream

Method: Bloom the gelatine in water. Warm the water with glucose and pour the double boiling beat egg yolk with sugar. Later, we add it with a warm water mixture. Next, we melt the chocolate with cream and add the butter. The next step is to mix it with egg mixture. Once the mixture is ready, we whip the cream, fold them with chocolate mixture, and pour them into the middle layer of the glasses.

Orange cremeux (for top layer)
Tropicana orange juice, Castor sugar, Yolk, Water, Glucose, Gelatin, Water for gelatin, Orange rind , Whipped cream, Orange crush

Method: Bloom the gelatin with water to let it slide. Bring it to boil orange juice to reduce the juice content to 25%. This helps makes it a thick like sauce. Next, warm the water with sugar and glucose, then beat the egg yolk with sugar add the warm water mix into the egg yolk. Add the gelatin to melt it in the warm water. Afterward, we whip the cream, then fold them with egg mixture, then add the reduced orange juice and with an orange crush. Pour the mixture into the top layer of the glass.


Make your own Indian Emblem Cheese Cake at home. Here's how:

Powdered biscuits, Melted butter, Cream cheese, Whipped cream, Gelatin, Orange crush or orange flavor, Kiwi crush or Kiwi flavor, Coconut flakes & Mixed fruit coulis

Method: Take biscuits and powder them coarsely. Add melted butter and mix it well till it is slightly moist. Then dissolve the gelatin in boiling water and cool it by stirring. Proceed to whip the cream until it is stiff and then add gelatin. Later we divide the cream cheese and sugar mixture into three bowls. We add orange crush and kiwi crush into the cream cheese mixture. Take a circular baking dish and put the mixture and sprinkle coloured coconut flakes. Next, prepare mixed fruit coulis which is made thick adding sugar to assorted fruits like black grapes and plums. Use the sauce as the base for the dish.


This is as simple as it can get.

Slices of bread, Carrots, Tomatoes, Cottage cheese, Cucumber & Green chutney

Method: We take two slices of bread and we add grated carrots and tomatoes to it. In the second layer, we fill it with cottage cheese. We can also choose to add garnishing here. In the third slice, we layer it with green chutney and then place cut cucumbers in it. Place them together and voila! You have a Republic sandwich!


This patriotic idlis can be made as easily as anything and tastes just as good!

Tomato paste, Grated coconut, Curd, Mint leaves, Coriander

First, we mix the tomato paste with the grated coconuts for the orange colour. For the white, we simply use curd. For the green colour, we use coriander and mix with mint leaves for that extra freshness. Next, we apply these coloring to the idlis and serve them hot!

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