Gardening is a therapeutic way of connecting with nature. As January dawns into our life in this New Year and a new decade, let us spend some quality time connecting with our family and teaching our kids about the importance of nature, through gardening.
Here are some important points to remember about gardening, that will go a long way to ensure a fertile soil and healthy plants. We list below the following pointers that are crucial for a healthy garden.

1. Water plants at the right hour

It is considered that watering your plants in the morning and evening is best. Usually, if you water your plants at noon, the harsh sun rays will make the water evaporate faster. This means that the water will not get enough time to percolate into the soil and nourish the plants.

2. Water plants in moderation

While watering to maintain a healthy garden, moderation is key. That means you should not water them too much or too little. That is why it is better to opt for sprinklers or mugs rather than pipes. One reason is that you don’t want the soil to get loose and also, it is effective in water conservation. Remember, moderation is key.

3. Always check soil moisture

It is important to check the moisture before watering your plants. The ideal gardening soil should be supple and not too wet or dry. There are two ways of doing so, firstly, one can check by touching the soil, if it is slightly dry, it is ideal to water them. Another way to check is upon the layer of grass. If the grass, upon stepping on them, springs back, then the soil does not need much water. However, if the plants are dry and do not spring back up, the soil needs water.

4. Compost right for a green garden

Compost is an organic matter consisting of various products that are otherwise, considered as waste products. They have been decomposed in a process called composting and are high in nutrients and acts as a soil conditioner. Composting is important as it helps retain more water, promotes carbon sequestration and reduces soil erosion. One can make compost at home or purchase organic compost from community groups like Bengaluru’s Kora3B Compost.

5. Stagnant water is a no-no

Stagnant water anywhere around your garden such as the drains, inside the garden on the soil or trays, will become a breeding ground for mosquitoes. It can cause a lot of diseases and it is never advisable to give more water to the plants then they require.

At Embassy Springs, we understand the beauty of a bountiful garden. That is why we have planted native and drought-tolerant plants all around our site. There are at least a hundred variety of trees and shrubs that thrive on the open spaces. We have creatively and sustainably accommodated nature into our design, come experience this garden-like abode at Bangalore’s biggest and best-planned city.