There is always something about February, isn’t it? Every time we hear about this month and the first thought that comes to mind is love. This four-letter word binds us to different people and makes life special. As Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, it is time to make your partner feel special with gestures and gifts. Below, we are giving certain ideas to celebrate this day and make your loved ones feel the warm tug in their heart.

1. Pamper them with indulgence

Nothing says romantic than gifting your partner a nice indulgent massage. At Embassy Springs, you can gift your valentine a beautiful and relaxing massage at our state-of-the-art spa and as the soothing ambient music and nice strong hands of the masseuse unburden their stress, let them relax and enjoy the pampering they truly deserve.

2. Picture perfect date

They say the couples that share hobbies together, grow together. Well for the shutterbugs and nature enthusiasts, look no further than the vast foliage that covers the open spaces at Embassy Springs. You and your partner will witness nature up close and personal with different varieties of butterflies, migratory birds filling the sky with their beauty amidst more than 100+ varieties of beautiful trees and shrubs. Well, we are transported already, it’s time you are too.

3. Sport up your connection

For the fitness-loving couples here, Embassy Springs offers you a plethora of options to not just sweat it out but also build a connection with your partner. Whether you choose the badminton court or swimming or indoor games, we have it all covered. Make this Valentine’s Day a healthy and romantic adventure for the two of you.

4. Date night under the stars

Forget 5-star hotels when you can sip your favorite wine and share dinner under a million stars. What’s more, at Embassy Springs you can set the perfect romantic mood besides our 5.5 acres of man-made Lake Promenade. Enjoy besides the promenade and let the soothing ecosystem transport you to another world, where only the two of you exist.

Love is divine and at Embassy Springs, we understand that relationships need time to grow and flower. That is why, we built our township keeping in mind all the pleasures- big or small that you may have in mind. Step out of your home and find yourself immersed in the various offerings from games, sports, idyllic long walks, reading together at our library or simply take in the beauty of nature. We give you the options, you make it special for your partner this Valentine’s Day at Bangalore’s biggest and best-planned city.