Ever since we’ve been under lockdown, most of us have missed being amidst nature. Granted, we may have made a few trips outside to buy essentials, but just the ability to walk carefree and be at one with nature is something I’m sure we all crave for currently.

But what’s truly being missed is the healing powers of the sounds of nature. The chirping of birds, the leaves whistling in the breeze and the slight hum in the air can all do wonders to the human body, both physically and mentally. The problem with being holed inside one’s room is the physical lethargy and that combined with the stress of work from home has definitely led to a drop in motivation.

On the occasion of World Music Day, here are a few healing powers of the sounds of nature:

1. It boosts your morale

Stepping outside for a couple of minutes can help boost your mood. Nature’s sounds have been proven to heal the human body and restore its natural balanced state. In moments of stress, most of us seek out sounds of nature such as waves, rivers ebbing and flowing and wind gushing across our faces in hopes of gaining peace and calmness.

2. It helps you stay in the moment

Taking a break from your daily indoor routine and spending some time in the outdoors allows you to focus on the present. Connecting with nature will let you soak in the beauty of nature, with the various sounds that surround you, and which you might not have noticed in a while. Collecting your thoughts while on a stroll will help you refresh and recharge for your upcoming week.

3. It makes you kinder

Research has shown that when exposed to nature, people are more empathetic and tend to feel more generous, socially conscious and more connected to their community. Even if not amidst nature, listening to videos featuring various natural sounds helps calm the mind and reminds individuals of basic values like generosity and care.

4. It makes you appreciative of the world

According to research, being amidst nature can cause individuals to feel less entitled, more supportive and an increased desire to help those in need. It has been found that people living in cities with of a lot of open, green space were more likely to have better health and a sense of purpose too.

Thus making a conscious effort to spend more time listening to the sounds of nature will help you reap its healing powers. At Embassy Springs, you can spend your time in amidst nature, either strolling through our gardens and 32 community parks with over 100+ varieties of trees and various types of flora and fauna, or along our 5.5 acre man made lake and make yourself feel at one with nature.