The Art of Natural Luxury

Does luxury reside indoors, inside pompous bedrooms and amid electronic devices and other luxurious services? Or does true luxury reside in nature amidst flora, fauna and calming greens and blues? It’s time to find out.

There is no luxury like home. Families from time immemorial have strived to make their homes an abode of luxury, filling them with all kinds of gizmos, gadgets, and comforts. Affluent families dream of homes as havens where they can luxuriate all their life with every imaginable comfort. But then again, is true luxury really about material comforts?

Today, luxury is associated with material entities such as jewelry, cars, and fine art. It is time to rethink this, as there are perhaps higher dimensions of luxury that are far more rewarding, fulfilling and worth discovering. In the framework of regular residential life, let's embark on a journey or a reflective session to learn about the highest and most fulfilling luxury experiences.

As we set foot in a new era, the definition of luxury is rapidly changing. Luxury is no longer restricted to high-value objects that one can buy. On the contrary, luxury is now about things and experiences that enrich life. For example, owning a garden can be far more enriching than owning a supercar. This changing trend in thinking is now a living reality.

A few years ago, most homebuyers in India looked for luxurious features such as private pools and Jacuzzis in properties they thought of investing in. But now, the same categories of homebuyers are looking for features like solar energy, waterbodies, organic farming and open spaces. After the pandemic, consumer demand for natural luxuries has been overwhelming. The pattern is now evident from privacy to serenity, from ownership of land to settling near natural water bodies.

The latest trends in luxury living embody homes that are carefully integrated into natural landscapes. For instance, homes in the middle of woods, surrounded by beautiful flora and fauna, with a hill view, or next to natural or man-made lakes. Homes with vast open spaces and curated gardens. Experiences like these give homeowners a special luxury and exclusivity that no other luxury can promise.

Many studies show how being in nature, even for a short period, can positively impact our mental and physical health. Surrounding yourself with nature can be an indulgent act of self-care. In other words, there can be no higher luxury than living with nature. This trend derives its core strength from the fact that nature is scarce. It’s, therefore, higher in value than any luxurious commodity available. Today's designers and builders are now leveraging technologies to create living spaces that embrace green architecture and design and help us build a sustainable future.

In the heart of Bengaluru’s investment hotbed lies Embassy Springs-the epitome of urban planning and has been modelled on the most developed cities worldwide. The township has aspects of nature, unlike any other residential development in India. From a manmade lake, vast designer gardens, a focus on ecological diversity and other sustainable measures such as natural water management systems. Its wide streets, with separate walking and cycling tracks, put it at par with the best global commuter amenities.

The infrastructure – power, water, and communication lines – is seamlessly underground, making it aesthetically appealing and easy to maintain. The best water and power conserving practices have been undertaken to ensure that no natural resource is misused. Needless to add, there are dedicated spaces for school buses, taxis, and visitors’ parking. What’s more, the proportion of open spaces to villa plots is one of the best you can get. Supporting amenities, such as North Bengaluru’s Private Club, with provision for facilities like sports, hospital, banquet & restaurants, along with school, religious spaces, retail, and a town centre as part of the product offering, make it one of the best-planned cities.