Smart Homes Are Getting Smarter

Ever since the pandemic, there has been a massive shift in the tech-propensities of people. Tech has become an integral part of every aspect of our lives. With more people choosing to stay indoors for the larger part of their day, the pursuit of accessibility, security, and comfort through integrated technology products has become a key driving force in decision-making.

Smart homes equipped with multi-functionary features and ultra-modern amenities are what a ‘smart’ buyer seeks. The modern buyer is unwilling to compromise on their discerned taste for the nuanced life enabled by modern technology. Modern homes are at the crescendo of human existence from architecture to technology, from landscaping to features and amenities. Currently, homeowners have had an affinity to invest in their dream homes in self-sustainable gated communities that combine living in harmony with nature within a premium urban locality or expansive and verdant plotted developments. Specifically, for those who choose to work from their homes, smart homes have switched from being a ‘want’ to being a ‘need’.

Smart Technology

What enables smart homes? Smart technology, of course. Smart technology allows homeowners to control appliances, thermostats, lights, and other devices remotely using a smartphone or tablet through an internet connection. Otherwise known as IoT, this tech enables amalgamation and aggregation of devices through and through. Not only that, contrary to popular belief, smart tech helps you save a couple of bucks with climate control and security systems.

Technology is the real game changer when it comes to residential homes. Does your potential new home have smart voice assistants like the Alexa-enabled smart homes at Embassy Edge? Does it have home biometric access panels? Are your homes automatic and intuitive? Don’t invest in a technologically regressive home. Instead, invest in properties that are future ready and have great technology features to make life easier and more productive.

But what truly makes for a smart home? Are smart homes only about technology? Or are there more aspects that contribute to making a smart home? Here are some fundamental features that additionally make for a smarter home!

Smart Location

Location is the most important aspect of any property. And coupled with the prospect of the futuristic development, that truly hits real estate gold! So, what’s a smart location? It’s a strategic location central to various important hub spots and amenities. And living in your dream smart home at Embassy Edge, which is a part of the 288 acres sustainable township of Embassy Springs, takes care of most conveniences with proximity to hospitals, restaurants, banks, recreation centers and more.

Smart Price

Price certainly matters. You must find out if you’re paying the right price for your property. Are you overspending for real estate features that aren’t worth it? Does the new property that you’re trying to buy have exciting offers and payment options? Leading developers of today are offering innovative pricing and payment schemes to their buyers. And just for a limited period of time, Embassy Edge is back with its most-awaited 10:80:10 payment plan- where you pay just 10% at the time of booking and enjoy an 18 months EMI holiday! A lucrative deal indeed!

Smart Community

The community you live in makes a lot of difference to you and your family’s lifestyle. You need to be smart about choosing the community you are looking to live in by taking into account the demographics of the residents, their tastes and preferences and if those match yours. Living in a vibrant community, which is studded by millennials with new mindsets, has been a major plus point for homeowners at Embassy Edge- a part of the “Future-First” township of Embassy Springs that has been designed for the upscale global citizen.

Smart Design

Thoughtful home designs can influence a lot of your lifestyle choices. A well-designed home brings families closer and allows them to do more with the space and the time they have. Design impacts every aspect of a real estate project. From living spaces to the clubhouse, from the gardens to the architecture of the building, design adds sense and aesthetics to the whole experience. Embassy Edge smart home designs have evolved to the point where designers are designing homes specifically for buyers and their specific needs- helping to make the most of their investment. They are a blend of modern efficiency and timeless beauty that give an unparalleled experience to residents every day.

In a homebuyer’s journey, they often ask if the investment they’re about to make is smart. Although it’s a difficult question to answer, there are ways for them to assess the smart quotient of the purchase. This article presents readers with the 5 most important prerequisites to a smart investment. We hope these points help you and your family make a smart decision for your future.