Spending time at home with your family during this lockdown may have created many special memories, but planning a great Father’s Day would be the cherry on top! Show some love for your dad with these five heartwarming gestures.

1. Cook a meal for your dad

Show off your cooking skills by making his favourite dish, or perhaps a yum sweet treat. Make use of the plethora of recipes available online and purchase ingredients which are in season. You could maybe serve him breakfast in bed or a grand luncheon at home with the rest of the family.

2. Watch your dad’s favourite flick

Be it all action, or a sweet rom-com, watching your dad’s favourite film with him will make his day! Utilise the various online streaming platforms and set up your very own home theatre, replete with cushions and maybe even a projector! Grab some popcorn and candy and make this a fun event with your family.

3. Plan a family game night

If dad’s worried about the time you spend online, give him what he asks for: quality family time! Battle it out over a few board games or solve a complicated jigsaw puzzle. Playing various card games can be fun too, and let’s not forget dumb charades! Let your dad pick which game he wants to start with, and probably take it easy on him just for today.

4. Take up a short course with dad

With so many online tutorials and classes, you get to spend some precious moments with dad and also learn something fun. Be it cooking, gardening, photography or painting, take up a course which will let you spend time with your old man. Ensure that you’ve got all the required equipment / tools before you start the course and let the fun times begin.

5. Go down memory lane with sports

Most dads love to watch sports, and watching live sports with your dad will surely bring back memories from your childhood. With sporting action around the world just restarting after months of lockdown, you could set up a highlights reel of some of his favourite past games and moments, and relive the times when you celebrated the winning moments with dad.

This Father’s Day, don’t let the lockdown come between creating wonderful memories for your dad and show him why he’ll always be special to you.