Millennials! Stay connected with your home, and live seamlessly!

Are you someone who reads their news off their phone in the morning? Do you use applications to order food, transport, or anything else? Then you’ll probably recognize the easy familiarity that comes with your phone being the center of your life.

For millennials, everything is now about technology, connectivity, personalization and convenience.

With such advanced connectivity has come a fast-paced lifestyle, with little room for the unnecessary, as we continue to streamline our way of living.

Convenience is a vital factor for millennials. Every innovation today is tailored towards making everything faster and more efficient. For example, applications like an office suite on our smartphones have made working on the go a norm! Or the shared co-working space format that offers ready-made amenities, and fosters idea collaborations that ultimately become successful product stories.

This is the way technology has not only been adopted but ingrained in the everyday millennial life.

But what if that connectivity made it to the millennial’s homes?

Well, that seamlessness has transcended into our living spaces as well. We are living in an age when we can ask the appliances, and electrical fixtures in our homes to power off and on, as per our need.

Remember the popular Marvel franchise Hollywood movie ‘Ironman’, in which Tony Stark has a computer assistant called Jarvis at home that does everything and more than it was asked for. Many fans came away wondering, what it would be like to have a personal home assistant that does everything you ask it.

So you literally don’t have to lift a finger while you are relaxing in your personal space.

That dream is now a reality, thanks to Alexa-enabled smart homes. Operating lights, AC’s, alarms, voice reminders, playing music, checking weather and performing other tasks by voice is not a thing of the future. In today’s age of Alexa, with its host of smart fittings and Amazon Echo devices, you can turn your home into your own futuristic habitat.

Embassy Edge at Embassy Springs, Bangalore’s biggest and best planned city has India’s fist Alexa-enabled smart homes that will streamline the way you live. Your phone and voice can be used to operate anything at home. Extend the technology-enabled convenience you have in your daily life to your home, and experience futuristic living.