5 ways to make your home feel more spacious

How important is space in your house? Wouldn't you prefer a clutter-free house?
The key to spacious homes is not just how big the houses are but also how well they are planned and designed. Houses that are poorly designed and laid out will always feel small and cramped. Having plenty of storage and rooms that are sized according to their functions makes all the difference.
Here are 5 ways in which you can make your home feel more spacious:

1. Wide windows

We all love our houses airy and fresh and wide windows allow both air and natural light to enter, both of which are very important to make your home look spacious. Bigger the window the better it is. Another advantage of great windows? A beautiful view.

2. In-built storage

Storage space at home is essential. Many things that we need to keep safe end up in crowded storage units in our house. Reducing the space taken by storage units leads to a clutter-free home. We all love when our storage units blend into the walls and become a decorative feature or just disappear behind doors or slot into perfectly designed spaces. With all these possibilities for storage units you don't have to compromise living area for storage space.

3. Use of larger tiles

Choosing large floor tiles means there will be fewer grout lines, so a busy floor pattern won’t dominate the room’s design. When you buy tiles for your home go for the bigger ones, A 16″ or 18″ tile will make the room feel larger, than a 12” tile will.

4. Staggered design

Homes arranged in a way that allows air and light then the home will look more spacious and fresh. The blocks should be positioned in such a way, that the view from your house should be greenery rather than the neighbor’s laundry.

5. Maximizes outdoor spaces

Spending time indoors glued to screens is okay occasionally, but spending time with loved ones outdoors is equally vital. You need not make any changes in your living space when you can use the maximum of the outdoors.
Who doesn't like to live in a clutter-free home with space for everything without compromising on anything?
Embassy Springs, Bangalore’s biggest and best planned city and the recently launched Embassy Edge Apartments at Embassy Springs have 82% greenery and the houses are designed in such a way that you have all the space you want both inside and outside your home.