Keeping busy indoors this monsoon

It’s raining, it’s pouring, your day feels really boring—and you're racking your brain for what to do on a rainy day. While the monsoons may be a welcome arrival to counter days of heat and dry weather, but with it comes months of staying indoors. Since going outdoors often may not be an option, here are five things you can do within the comforts of your home:

1. Host your very own film festival

Step-Ups is one of the easiest indoor exercises you can include in your day to day fitness schedule. All you need is a low bench, a toddler’s chair or just about anything that won’t move and can comfortably take your weight. Start by standing in front and step up with one foot. Bring the other foot up and stand up on the step. Then step backward using the same leg. Repeat this on the other side. It’s just a constant up and down movement but each time you will have to alternate your ‘lead’ foot. When you're doing this exercise, keep your back straight and your core braced. Continue the step-ups till you feel your form strengthening. Keep a count of the number of times you are doing this exercise and aim to do a few more next time.

2. A treasure hunt bar none!

Remember those childhood days of long, elaborate treasure hunts? Well, here’s your chance to recreate those memories with your family or close friends, albeit at home. Think of an elaborate plan, which can be arranged easily at home and come up with fun riddles which could follow a particular theme or setting, for example, a ghost-house or a deserted ship!

3. Film your very own cooking show

How often have you imagined yourself taking part in televised cooking shows, performing challenges and winning praise from judges? Well, here’s your chance to have a crack at this, albeit with the judges being your friends and family. All you need is your phone camera, a delicious recipe and ingredients to create a fun show filled with commentary and bloopers.

4. Make a holiday scrapbook

If vacations to exotic locations seem difficult in the current scenario, why not try making a scrapbook of your earlier travails! Your horde of photos can be easily printed out and pasted in a cool scrapbook, which you can either purchase from a shop or make on your own. Fill your scrapbook with small lines describing a particular photo, and years from now, this scrapbook will definitely bring a smile to your face.

5. Meditate and reflect

A perk of staying indoors amidst the patter of rain is the tranquility you can experience at home by just meditating and taking things as they come. Light a few scented candles, set some light music and just take a few moments to reflect and regain clarity. This exercise will definitely lighten your mood and set you up for the better.