Everything that surrounds us is said to be an extension of our personality. That is why no two people are alike. Similarly, when you choose a home for yourselves and your family, it is also an extension of our psyche. Keeping this in mind, we have curated a list for you to understand the different types of homes that exist and how they give a glimpse into your personality.

1. Contemporary charisma

The key elements in contemporary designs are always dynamic as it refers to any design or style that is prevalent or in vogue. However, there are a few elements that remain consistent. Functionality and minimalism are always key elements that form the basis of any contemporary décor. The colors used are a variety of neutrals- from whites, cream, and beige. While deciding on colors, one can choose pops of colors judiciously or even light colors over natural surfaces. Choose your pick to style your home sweet home!
Personality traits: It has been deduced that organized and functional people will love this style of décor. This style incorporates their period splashes of creativity with their somber and quiet personality. Also, if you are a trend-setter and love to be on top of fashion, why look further?

2. Vintage panache

h! Who doesn’t love the good-ol-days? When it comes to designing a vintage home, one needs to incorporate furniture and décor from a well-defined time period in history. The better your research, the more elegance it brings into your room. Usually, interior décor artists do not recommend to mix history as it can create asymmetry.
Personality traits: For the vintage lovers, you highly determined, motivated and a natural perfectionist. A lover of old world charm you will love to have a quaint space for yourself and your family.

3. Mid-Century Modern

This common yet an easy favorite among many people combine the comfort and warmth of traditional style that mixes a smooth aesthetics of the contemporary design. Well, in short, one gets the best of both worlds. If anyone is looking to design their homes in this décor style, it is important to note that these décor lacks any bold colors and the tone-on-tone sets a standard. The interesting color schemes to play around with are warm neutrals to dark brown, taupe and vanilla.
Personality traits:
Such people are charming and noble and are drawn to ageless concepts and designs. However, it is safe to move away from rigidity, in life or otherwise.
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