5 ways to make Halloween spook-tacular!

Halloween is just around the corner and it is time now to give your creativity a twist of the dark side. Here are some fun ways to design and decorate your homes this Halloween.

1. Keep an ‘Eye out’ for your guests

Add a creep-static touch with spooky bloodshot eyes for your guests. The best thing is they are super easy to make.

  • Plastic balls of different size (ping pong and beach ball)
  • blue, white and red paints.

How to make:
Paint the balls with a coat of white paint and let it dry. After that use black paint to make a circle on the different balls. Next, make another layer inside the black circle with blue and add a touch of white inside to make it seem like the pupil of an eye. Let the paint dry and then add touches of red veins around the eyeball to give it a more realistic appearance.
You can keep these eyeballs as props around the house or hang them around the house. You choose.

2. Make a Shadowy Art

Give your walls a shadowy artwork full of eerie artwork. The best part is they are easily removable.

  • Adhesive
  • Black vinyl sheets
  • Scissors

How to make:
Cut out the desired shapes on the black vinyl sheets. It could be of something spooky or otherwise, you decide. Then stick it across the wall with adhesive.

3. Raise Some Spooks

Create fun, floating ghostly shapes to get into the groove of Halloween.

  • Chicken wire
  • Old clothes
  • Liquid fabric starch.
  • A battery-operated fluorescent light

How to make:
Utilize your old clothes this Halloween with this unique decoration. This decoration best works outdoors. Use the chicken wire to give a human shape but avoid making the head. Put your old discarded clothes on them. It is better to use flowing dresses as they appear spookier. Place these decorations outdoors and light small lights under them. The effect will make them look scary to all your guests.

4. Graveyard chills at your lawn

Whether fun or deadbeat spooky, turn your lawn or your house into a graveyard. Oh, did we mention that it is simple too?

  • Styrofoam sheets
  • Permanent markers
  • Black, grey and white acrylic paints

How to make:
Cut the Styrofoam in the required shape. They can be rectangular or have a curved surface on the top. Next, paint the Styrofoam by mixing black and grey acrylic paints to give it a realistic touch. Add spots of white to give it an old rustic look. Let the paint dry and then using the permanent marker, write the epitaph. Place them in your home or lawn and let your guests wonder if your house has been a graveyard all along.

5. Pumpkins ‘cause it's Halloween!

How can Halloween be complete without pumpkins? We all remember the devilishly cute designs that are adorned over pumpkins during this day. Create one now for your home to get your nostalgia running.

  • Pumpkins (of course!)
  • Knives
  • Fairy lights
  • Markers

How to make:
Using a marker, design the eyes and mouth on a pumpkin. Then using a knife, cut on the stem of the fruit. Take out the seeds and the fleshy part inside so that it is hollow. Keep the stem to use as a lid for later. Now, retrace your marker drawing and cut out the eyes and mouth. Now take the fairy lights and put it inside the hollow pumpkin and close the stem lid. Your jack-o’-lantern is ready!
We hope the pointers above help make your Halloween amazing with friends and family.