Dear Embassy Spring-sters,
We believe every home is a reflection of the people who reside in it. In that regard, a home is much more than just the four walls that makes a structure. We feel a house requires a personal touch to make it a home. That is why every plot, villas, apartments here at Embassy Springs adheres to many guidelines that make each structure safe and energy efficient. We believe that when any buyer steps inside our premises, they should feel like they have stepped inside their very own slice of heaven.
Come walk into your Masterplan of Happiness with Embassy Springs, here we ensure the best in terms of your lifestyle and in terms of giving back to the nature at large. We highlight the pointers which entails why Embassy Springs is the most energy-conscious community.

Renewable energy has always been the bright present and the future of the planet. That is why various sources of light and energy used in this township are solar powered to ensure maximum savings.

Apart from utilising solar energy, we have two 100MVA 220/66 KV and three 31.5MVA 66/11KV sub-station. We have also used LED lights for all street lamps and landscape lighting. The street light have an added feature of automatic control which enables us to save more than 70% energy cost.

3. Mid-Century Modern

In addition, our energy conservation methods are according to the ECBC norms. At Embassy Springs, we have ensured dedicated power distribution yards also. Also the motors and transformers used are all energy efficient.

Through these significant changes adopted for every member, we not only wish to provide a holistic environment for everyone to live in comfort but also provide them the benefits of a self sustainable township that gives back to nature at every turn. We hope these pointers will help you feel the warmth and satisfaction of being a part of this family. We cannot wait to share our experience with you for a better tomorrow.

With warm regards,
Embassy Springs