D.I.Y interior decor ideas for your bedroom

Your bedroom is your most personal space. You relax, think, sleep and spend so much time here. It is only natural that your bedroom should reflect your style. Now we know, remodeling any room is a costly affair so we are here to help you with easy DIY interior décor ideas for your bedrooms. It will be a fun exercise with your partner to just unleash all your creativity and here is how you can do so.

1. Stick up the fun

The largest canvas in any room is the wall, don’t you agree? That’s why, don’t be stuck with the same old paint or wallpaper, it is time to be innovative and have fun. How you may ask? Simple! Removable wallpapers. These rolls of beauty can quickly change your bedroom and give it the tinge of creativity that you are looking for. What’s more? You are not committed to any design, simply change at your fancy and give your room a fresh makeover whenever you want.

2. Cuddly pillows

Winter is far away and it is time to get snippety-snap! Pull out those old sweaters and give them a new lease on life by making them squishy pillows. After all who doesn’t like fluffy and furry pillows that just cuddle you up? Firstly, put the pillow inside the sweater and measure the area to sew. Then, simply mark and cut the sweater and sew it with the pillow inside. Your simple pillows just got a warm makeover, how cool is that?

3. Mirror Mirror on the wall!

Mirrors can do magic like fairy tales and make your room look much more spacious than it actually is. How? With reflection. As you know, mirrors will reflect the light and the subsequent reflections also give the appearance of a much larger space than it is. Also, you and your partner can share a nice romantic time decorating the frame for the mirror to give it a unique touch. One unique idea is to use the mirror frame as a support for a to-do board where you can string your favorite photos.

4. Color me with a hue

Always keep in mind, that every room needs a color palette. No point of being creative without a direction. It’s good to remember that contrasting colors create an interesting shade. For example, mixing blue with yellow creates a cool temperature for your room, while the blue and the yellow makes the right amount of playful splash. So pull out your paintbrushes and color your room in the way you please. It is important to remember that you can give your signature designs with patterns. Have a blast painting your creativity into your room.

Whatever your choice be, make your bedroom your creative extension. At Embassy Springs, we understand your need to own a home that is uniquely yours. We offer plots, villas, townhouses and apartments that are crafted keeping in mind your luxury and your need for a corner in the world you call home. Come find your perfect place here at Bangalore’s biggest and best-planned city.