A house is not a home unless it truly exuberates the essence of its owners. The best way to achieve it is by decorating one’s home with the choicest patterns and colors so that, it’s beauty is highlighted. We have curated some of the best practices to help you give a unique and beautiful touch to your homes.

1. Join the dark side

Yes, believe it or not! We all know that white walls help open up space. While it is true that white does give an open appearance, many people do not know that dark colors help visually recede. In other words, when we make something dark, it looks further away than it is. Therefore, it is important to take advantage of this color magic and paint the walls from a medium-to-dark shade of color like indigo blue or charcoal gray. Well for the skeptics, paint just one wall in any favorite dark shade and watch in wonder as the room appears a bit bigger than it is

2. Bare out the floor

Wondering which household items to purchase to make your home look bigger? Here is the best tip- never think floor but always about the walls. There is no use of breaking the floor space with small rugs as it will make the room even smaller. The best option is not just carpets- as many people assume, but different options like bare hardwood or laminate flooring with a slightly glossy finish. These help open up any room spatially. However, if rugs are where the heart tugs, then use an area rug that fills the entire room. This will help you gain more space and add warmth to your feet.

3. Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

If you wish to make a small room look bigger, then a mirror is your best friend. Mirrors help enhance and enlarge a room visually and besides without a full-length mirror in your bedroom, how can anyone know if those shoes match the dress? Also, mirrors have an added advantage of bouncing the light back, making your room seem spacious and bright.

4. Life is a large pattern

In a small room, it is advisable to use solids or small scale patterns on your curtains, comforter, etc. It is important to maintain the cohesiveness by choosing those patters that go with the same palette. This creates a visual distortion and makes the room appear bigger. Therefore, it is important to note that a small room does not mean that one is limited to small prints or one has to chuck the pattern dream altogether.

We hope these tips will help you craft the perfect home for your family. At Embassy Springs, we know what makes a house, into a home for a family. That is why, we ensure the best practices that utilize the maximum space with sustainability imbibed in every detail.
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