Christmas Movie Marathon with Family

If anything can brighten this awesomely amazing season even more, it is the togetherness of family. Like they say ‘‘tis the season to be jolly’, so, hurdle up in one blanket and with your family enjoy these Christmas movies that are evergreen and fill you with warmth that is enough to last the entire season.

1. Home Alone 1

This one is like a traditional Christmas tree that is ornamented with nostalgia, mischief, family bonding and some tears.

The story of a young kid, who is on the misfortunate fence of spending Christmas by himself and how he tactically battles potential break-ins at the house as his family accidently leaves for Paris without him.

You can also indulge yourself with Home Alone 2 and 3 as you treat everyone with more hot chocolate.

2. Dr. Seuss’ The Grinch

Now who said that a film that has the word ‘grinch’ in its name has to be gloomy? With fantastic animated characters, this film touches the emotional and impressionable part of your soul.

A storyline so innocent, you’d want to hug its human form, this film has lasted years, cheering people and keep their faith alive in presents, Christmas decorations and the importance of companionship.

3. It’s a Wonderful Life

Nothing short of an eternal classic that visits your home annually but leaves ample impact.

Highlighting the importance of family and the effort it takes to nurture healthy relationships that last a lifetime. This movie is about being there for the people you love and putting them before you – ideally representing the founding message of Christmas.

Maybe it’ll be a good idea if you say with a box of tissues and let it all just flow.

4. The Polar Express

It doesn’t matter if you’re old enough to know where your Christmas gifts actually come from or a little too young to believe in Santa, this film has the magnetism to bring everyone together.

Its imagery sticks true to the season’s temperature but warm your hearts as a young person seeks an adventure to find the truth about Santa. You find yourself one with him and his honesty and perseverance melts you to the core.

5. The Holiday

Not your average Christmas film that is all about cheer and carols from start to end. This film is about connecting with yourself and finding the people that care for you.

Watch is for a cast that speaks directly to you and for emotions that you didn’t know you were capable of expressing. Escape to England whilst maintaining one leg in the States and experience what a magical life it can be if you’re just ready to take the leap.

It can be tough to spend time with your family throughout the year but don’t you miss the chance of Christmas. At Embassy Springs, creating bonds and nurturing the beauty of life and relationships is a fond belief. Make sure you’re you express to your family what they mean to you and give them the best you can.