Christmas Decorations to light up your Holidays

Decorations have this magical ability to brighten up a gloomy day, raise the spirits of those worn-out and bring together those apart, leaving a pictorial memory of merriment and cheer. While Christmas is about all of the above, it has its foundation in the joy of giving and celebrating with kith and kin.

1. An Outdoor Basket of Sweets

While Monica might have started this to combat her financial crisis, it is a brilliant idea to adorn those who make up your daily life with something sweet. Hang a handmade basket of (homemade or readymade) sweets on your door for your newspaper delivery person, house help, food delivery person or just about anybody who passes by. This abundantly demonstrates how gratifying ‘giving’ is viz-a-viz receiving’ along with a complimentary garnish of surprise.

2. Give a Twist to your Christmas Socks

This one is the easiest – go to your nearest clothing store and buy a pair of nice warm red socks. Now, gift them to anybody who’d need them to keep warm. Finally, get an old sweater or shirt with long sleeves and cut them from the shoulders. Sew of the sides and there! you have hangings which are colourful and unique to add to your Christmas decorations and hold your presents. You can also add sequences or do your own embroidery to give them a more crafty and celebratory look.

3. Reorganise your Bookshelf

Elevate the excitement of gifting with some make-shift presents. Wrap some of your books in brown paper with Christmas compliments to break the clutter and create a new ‘look of the season’ for your bookshelf. Spread these around your side table and staircase to bring the element of surprise anywhere your guests go.

4. The Pinecone Breakout

Give a new life to those no more and create wonders with dry pinecones. You can paint them, light them with fairy lights, add ribbons and experiment as much as your imagination allows. Use these as side table decorations, hang them on your tree or even create your own holly – pinecones are multi-faceted and allow for a myriad of easy Christmas Decorations.

5. Have a Yarn Tree

Christmas is incomplete without a tree but it shouldn’t be so at the cost of the deteriorating nature – get creative and make yourself a yarn tree. Green, red, brown, all colours are included. You can have multiple of these in different areas of your house and pat yourself for giving nature the gift of life, this season.

At Embassy Springs, bringing together communities and threading together friendship and companionship is a firm belief. What better time than Christmas to act on it? These decorations not only bring our communities a step closer to protect nature but also allow for a soothing and seasonally apt environment to thrive in the air.