Can You Recognize These 5 Plants from Your Childhood Days?

If you’re one of those people who grew up around plants as a kid, then consider yourself lucky. Because of rapid urbanization, children today don't experience the same joy that we felt being surrounded by plants. Here are some of those plants from our childhood days that are bound to evoke some nostalgia:

1. Shameplant (Touch Me Not)

The shameplant is the plant that we loved to touch, just to see it shrink and hide away. Sadly, this unique plant that curls its leaves when touched isn’t seen too often these days. But on the flip side, they can be purchased from a nursery near you. Having them in your home would be a great start to introduce your children to the world of plants.

2. Whisk Fern

Once a flourishing plant species commonly found in Karnataka, the whisk fern has now found its place on the threatened list. So, if you ever get your hands on one of these plants, then be sure to whisk them away into your garden space. It will fill and brighten up your garden area and stand out with its distinct whisk-like green stems.

3. Morning Glory

Seeing a morning glory bloom in the early hours of the morning was quite a spectacle. A decade ago, this used to be a common sight. But these days, it’s very rare for children to see this flower bloom in nature. Bring home a morning glory, watching one bloom in your home space will give your kids immense joy.

4. Night-Blooming Jasmine

The distinct fragrance of the night-blooming jasmine plant always brings us fond memories of our childhood days. If you ever buy them, place them in your living room where the fragrance can spread out evenly into every room. Let your family feel fresh with every breath.

5. Daffodils

You might remember seeing the bright yellow colour of the daffodil plant bloom in gardens back in the day. Sadly, this charming flower is becoming a rarity. Try getting this plant from your local nursery for your home and give your kids a reason to smile.
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