A guide to water conservation at home

Water is the essence of life. Needless to say, it is important to conserve water on a daily basis. While many methods and techniques help in the conservation, inside one’s home, it is up to each individual to give their best to save water.
Here is a curated list for you with tips on how you can save water inside the house.

1. Washing dishes can be a long and tiring job. Unknowingly, we waste a lot of water as we ensure our dishes are clean. If you are considering renovation or purchasing a house, then it might be a good idea to opt for a split sink. These sinks are large sink and split in the middle- a really good means to conserve water. Fill water in both sinks, on one side dump all the greasy utensils and soap them up. Once that is done, you simply transfer the dish on the other side sink with the freshwater. This ensures you waste lesser water while washing each utensil.

2. When washing clothes, a washing machine is usually the first and last choice for anyone these days. However, many people do not realize that even washing machines can consume a lot of water depending upon the weight of the clothes. That is why it is always best to purchase a front load washing machine as they are the best when it comes to efficient cleaning using minimal water. Other variants like top load or manual washing machines consume a lot of water as we need to refill them. Front-load, however, uses gravity and spins the same amount of water to ensure cleaner clothes.

3. We enjoy bathing after waking up from sleep or after a tiring day. Many of us in fact, find ourselves singing in the shower! But did you know that a shower wastes much more water than a bucket of water? We tend to use almost 64 litres for showering 10 minutes. That is a lot of water that can be utilized for other activities around the house. That is why bathing with a bucket is recommended.

We all have an RO filter to ensure we drink clean water. However, We often ignore the water that is wasted by the filter. Generally, we connect that to the sink and we let the water flow away. Instead of letting that water down the drain, we can collect that water and use it to water our plants or even mop the floors.

At Embassy, we understand the value of water. That is why we have installed a sophisticated water management system ensuring proper storage and recycling of water. We have planted foliage all around the open space to ensure the maximum retention of water in the soil. Come, experience a sustainable lifestyle that reflects your style, only at Bangalore’s biggest and best-planned city.