We all have family members who are extra quirky, creative, grumpy or even restless, while they wait for this lockdown to be lifted. So here are 5 types of family members you might have or will encounter during this lockdown.

1. WhatsApp Forward Dad

If fake WhatsApp news ever needed a patron it will be the WhatsApp Forward Dad. You will find him eagerly reading and discussing the WhatsApp Forward news and bombarding everyone by sharing it.

2. MasterChef Mother

Now that her darling kids can't feast in the restaurants of their choice, MasterChef Mother has worn the coveted apron. Thai, Chinese, Italian, exotic desserts you name it, she will check out recipes and whip it up for her kids. And of course, she will share beautiful pictures of her food on social media.

3. Exercise Enthusiast Brother

With the gyms and swimming pools closed, this Exercise Enthusiast Brother feels like a fish out of water. He keeps exercising at home and then posting videos of his exercise on social media. And not to forget he loves taking up exercise challenges on social media and tagging his friends while at it.

4. Grumpy Grandfather

He is the loving but a grumpy grandfather now. The lockdown has made him annoyed with the fact that he can't meet his friends, go out for his evening walks and do what he wants to do. So he sits and mopes around all day waiting for the day he can finally catch up his routine.

5. Catch Up Sister

She is the one who wants to make the most of this lockdown by catching up with her friends and near and dear ones. She will plan video call parties, talk to her friends for hours on the phone, message different people every other day. Distance does bring people closer and the Catch Up Sister feels these are the perfect days to catch up with friends thanks to technology.

So these are some types of family members you can see during the lockdown. They are quirky, loving and caring and nevertheless, we love spending time with them.