5 Tips to Make your Home Summer Ready

Summer is the season of brightness and joy. It’s also the perfect time to hit refresh and make some changes. Most people introduce a seasonal twist to their wardrobe, but what we are suggesting is much more fun.
Get your homes summer ready by following these tips.

1. Nurture your garden

Find plants that are suited for summer – like Begonia, Sweet Pea, and Petunia. To ensure a healthy garden, water the roots instead of the leaves. Be sure to add compost or potting mix at regular intervals too.

2. Give space to your home

Space out your furniture towards the wall to give it an airy feel. Also, keep your windows open to let in fresh air – that will give you breathable space with easy movement to avoid a cramped appearance.

3. Add fun to your indoors

When summer approaches, it’s time to transition from the cosy vibe to something more refreshing. So, put away the candles and silk arrangements. Bring in glass vases, coloured glass plates and paper lampshades to add a fun element to your home.

4. Organize and declutter your home

Stash away your winter clothes and move your summer items into your freshly cleaned closet. Empty your cabinets and get rid of things you don’t need.

5. Create light and bright surroundings

Replace heavy drapes with ones that allow sufficient natural light to enter. Switch out your living room throw pillows and slipcovers with brightly coloured fabrics. Remember to stash away any thick or furry rugs too.
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