It’s time to celebrate that extra special lady in our lives, our mothers. Mother’s Day is right around the corner, but this one might be quite different since most of us are under lockdown due to the coronavirus pandemic. But you can definitely make this day a special and memorable one for your mother. Can’t go to a restaurant? No problem, prepare a delicious restaurant-style meal at home. Movie theatres are shut? Organize a movie night with scrumptious treats in your living room. So if you’re still pondering over ways to make this Mother’s Day a special one, then here are 5 quirky ideas for the perfect Mother’s Day gesture.

1. Breakfast In Bed

This Mother’s Day, whip a breakfast in bed for your mom to start her day on a delicious note. You can prepare a piping cup of coffee, scrumptious omelet, toast with butter, and provide a plate of cut fruits. Amp it up with a small vase of paper flowers and present her this on a tray with a little Mother’s Day note. That’s what we call a Great Morning!

2. Create A Spa Experience At Home

Pamper your mother by creating a spa experience at home. Do a little research on a few simple techniques for massages and give her a great head massage and foot massage. She will feel relaxed and pampered. You can also try out some easy DIY pedicure, manicure, and face masks and have a great spa night! Play some soothing background music, light a few candles and voila, you have the perfect spa experience at home.

3. Make A Special Video Collage

Take your mother on a walk down memory lane by making a special video college for her. Dig into her past to find some of your mother’s cutest pictures and prepare a video collage with her favorite song. You can also include sweet Mother’s Day quotes and heartfelt messages for her in the video collage.

4. Throw A Virtual Party

This Mother’s Day, don’t let the lockdown act as a party pooper for you. Throw a fun virtual party for your mom. Coordinate with all your siblings and extended family members to join the virtual party. Host online games, play antakshari, dumb charades, and you can even surprise your mother by dedicating a song for her. This will be one special video conferencing call and a party to remember.

5. Organize A Treasure Hunt At Home

Get your mother to unleash her hidden Indiana Jones by organizing a treasure hunt for her at home. Prepare small chits with clues to lead her to her ultimate treasure, a homemade gift. This can be baked goodies, mixed tape dedicated to her, photo collage, etc. The clues can be personal and strewn all across the house. You can even get her to do challenges like dance, sing, or act a scene to lead her to the next clue. Make it as fun and adventurous as possible. This is definitely one of the quirkiest ideas for the perfect Mother’s Day gesture.

This Mother’s Day, don’t let the lockdown come in between your plans. In fact, use this situation as an opportunity to make your mother feel special and loved within the four walls of your home. And most importantly don't forget to make your mother feel that she indeed is that extra special lady in your life.