5 Promising Projects That’ll Reshape Investments in Devanahalli

For more than a decade, Devanahalli, with its skyrocketing land values, has been a hotspot for real estate investment. Now, with major national and international projects coming up in the area, the place is a golden opportunity waiting to be claimed.
Here are some of the top projects Devanahalli will see in the near future:

Aerospace Park

1. Aerospace Park

Karnataka is the only state in the country with a separate aerospace policy. Because of this, Devanahalli’s aerospace SEZ has attracted big names like Eaton Industrial Products Pvt Ltd and Boeing, both of which are looking to set up facilities here. In only a few years, this location will see a drastic boom in the real estate market.

2. Science Park

Considering the opportunities Devanahalli has laid out for investors, it’s no surprise that the government wants its science park to be set up here. This will make Devanahalli a prime zone for investors, both globally and nationally.

Science Park

3. Financial City

Financial City

The upcoming Global Financial District is the cherry on top. Planned by the Industrial Financial Corporation of India (IFCI), it’s bound to attract financial institutions from all over the world.

4. Business Park

Over the next five years, the business park at Devanahalli is expected to attract investments of $2.2 billion. 104 acres of land have already been reserved for various government projects in aviation, meteorology, tourism and the power industry. The remaining 309 acres will be dedicated for 3 multi-speciality hospitals, 2 IT SEZs, 2 non-SEZs offices, and manufacturing and assembly units, among others.

Business Park
Space City

5. Space City

Entertainment too should get its fair share when it comes to development. The Karnataka government has proposed an entertainment park in Devanahalli called ‘Space City’. This will further strengthen the region’s tourism prospects.

6. Other Developments

Other Developments

Devanahalli is already dotted with numerous educational institutions. But now, with the 350-acre Manipal Education campus being set up, the location will garner even more prominence. Additionally, Narayana Hrudayalaya has chosen Devanahalli as the prime location for its super-speciality hospital.
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