5 outdoor games to play with your kid

Outdoor games are a very important part of any child’s growth. As kids, it allows them to fully unleash their unbound energy. As parents, it is an excellent way to teach your kids different life lessons. It can be about the importance of nature or inculcating the love for physical exercise. Let us find out some of the different outdoor games that you can play with your kids.

1. Hula Hoop

Number of Players: One at a time
Equipment: Hoops of different sizes.

Hula hoops are a fun way to unwind that stays with you even when you grow up. All you need are different hoops. Placing one hoop around your child’s waist, simply ask them to swing their hips circularly. It is that simple and easy. The one who keeps the hoops circling for the longest time wins. What’s best, you can join in the fun too!

2. Hide and Seek

Number of Players: Minimum three  
Equipment: None

Most parents have played hide and seek with their kids since hiding is a common interest of children. There can be many variations to this game. You can count from ten to twenty and some even count up to a hundred. The idea is that one person will close his or her eyes and count without looking and then he or she tries to find the others.

3. Tag

Number of Players: Minimum three
Equipment: None

This is a fun game that your kids can play even upon growing up. The basic rule of this game is that one person, is the ‘it’ and others will run away from him or her. The objective of the game is this ‘it’ person will have to tag someone else. Then the next person will be the ‘it’.

4. Four Corners

Number of Players: Minimum four
Equipment: none

Four corners is a game that is often played in schools by children. It is a simple game that you can play with your kid. Simply, designate four corners and choose a player being “it”. The remaining players run around and swap corners without being caught by “it”. If a player is caught by “it” or is without a free corner to stand in, he becomes “it”.

5. Hopscotch

Number of Players: One at a time
Equipment: Hopscotch grid, rock and chalk.

A classic game for all, you will only need some chalk to make a hopscotch grid. Mark each square with numbers from one to nine. Next, you will need a rock for tossing. To play the game, toss the rock into the first square. Then let your kid hop to the end of the grid. You can hop with only one leg unless the grid has two blocks. Once your kid reaches the end, he or she needs to balance upon one leg and hope back to the starting grid. If he or she misses, then it is out. You can, however, tweak the rules as per your wish.

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