5 New Year resolutions to fulfill at Embassy Springs

New Year celebrations are just a few days away. What makes the year 2020 even more special is that it marks the beginning of a new decade too. That is why it is important to enter this upcoming year with New Year's resolutions that bring out the best version of you and your family. Let’s list them down because this year, you can fulfill them all at Embassy Springs.

1. Fulfill the fitness goals

If your New Year resolution is to become fitter than you already are, then look no further. Head straight to our state-of-the-art gym at Embassy Springs where you get the best equipment that helps you get into shape. Also, you can relax after every intense workout at the sauna. Trust us when we say, you will love to hit the gym here!

2. Quality time with family

Bond with your family like never before, here at Embassy Springs. With expansive flora and fauna spread across 45 acres, a wide range of tress and walking tracks, a manmade lake promenade, your family activities are sure to be enhanced. All the activities present at our premises are designed keeping in mind all age groups. This ensures every member of the family, gets their slice of fun, always.

3. Read more books

Don’t we all have a list of books we always wanted to read? Well this New Year, get all the time at your very own library here at Embassy Springs. Whether you choose the classics or the recent bestsellers, there is one book for everyone here. Tuck yourself away inside your favorite book and we promise, nobody will disturb you.

4. Learn a new sport

Always dreaming to learn your favorite sport? Now your wish will be fulfilled. At Embassy Springs, we have made over 100+ amenities keeping in mind the varied interests of our residents. Choose from a wide range of activities, for we have facilities like badminton court, tennis court, bio-pool, and swimming pools. Now no sport is out of reach.

5. Starting a new hobby

Did you always love to dance, paint, perform theatre or even mime? Now you can learn them all. At Embassy Springs, we understand that self-expression is an essential part of one’s identity. That is why, we have a dedicated Art and Crafts studio to help you fulfill your artistic aspirations, a Music and Dance Studio so you can dance to the rhythm of your heart. We also have a Convention Hall with stage and green rooms, where you can perform theatre, dance or even stand up comedy. Come, learn all your favorite activities, right here.

Whatever your wish, you and your family can fulfill them. We, at Embassy Springs, wish you a wonderful and joyous New Year 2020. Come and celebrate in your new home only at Bangalore’s biggest and best-planned city.