With the coronavirus lockdown in town, most of us are working from home, binge-watching shows, gorging on snacks and catching up on sleep. But wake up sleeping beauties! What about the most important aspect of your health? You might not be able to go to the gym, yoga class, swimming pool or play outdoor sports, but you can definitely catch up on your fitness regime while being at home. The best part is that you don’t need any equipment for it, all you need is the will to stay fit no matter what. So here are 5 best indoor exercises to keep you going during this lockdown period.

1. Step-Ups

Step-Ups is one of the easiest indoor exercises you can include in your day to day fitness schedule. All you need is a low bench, a toddler’s chair or just about anything that won’t move and can comfortably take your weight. Start by standing in front and step up with one foot. Bring the other foot up and stand up on the step. Then step backward using the same leg. Repeat this on the other side. It’s just a constant up and down movement but each time you will have to alternate your ‘lead’ foot. When you're doing this exercise, keep your back straight and your core braced. Continue the step-ups till you feel your form strengthening. Keep a count of the number of times you are doing this exercise and aim to do a few more next time.

2. Planks

When it comes to planks, first make some space. Push back chairs and tuck away things in the hallway. You can also set up a yoga mat. To do a plank, lie on your front, with your forearms parallel to each other, on the floor. Tuck your toes under and push your body weight so you’re resting on your forearms and feet. Brace your core muscles and keep your body in a straight line. Then, hold your position. Start off holding the position for 20 seconds, then add an additional 10 seconds every day. Rest for a moment, then repeat it. It’s definitely not easy, so see how long you can go for it. It’s surely challenging but it's one of the best exercises for your core.

3. Downward Dog With Core

Downward dog is a great indoor exercise to tone your arms, core and legs. To do this exercise, first get into the downward dog position, making an inverted V shape with your body. Keep your weight on your legs. Your hands will remain firmly planted and your fingers will be evenly spaced. Then, lift your right leg and draw your right knee towards your nose. Switch and repeat this on the left.

4. Jog In One Place

You may not be able to go out of your home and jog since social distancing needs to be maintained. But you can still jog in the comfort of your home. All you have to do is jog in a stationary position. This indoor exercise is simple, accessible and gets your heart rate going. It can also be a warm-up to a more intensive exercise. While jogging in one place, it may tax your joints and might be a little monotonous since you can't jog outside. But bring in variations by pressing your arms overhead, lifting your knees higher and wider.

5. Squat Jumps

Research says that squatting is really good for health. You too can include squats and even squat jumps in your fitness regime, after all, they raise the heart rate. Burn calories and increase power in the legs. For squat jumps, use your whole foot jump, not just your toes. And then land as softly as possible. You can even put your hands at the back of your head, keep your back straight and bend your knees. Get into a squat position, jump as high as you can and land back softly into a squat. Add variations like Froggy Jumps, that is touching the ground when you squat or Prisoner Squat Jumps, that is placing your hand behind your head while squatting. This exercise is high impact, high intensity and you need to have strong joints and a strong heart.

This World Health Day, yours and your family’s health will ensure your win during these testing times. We hope these exercises will ensure you and your family stay fit and healthy during the lockdown period. We also urge you to stay safe and stay indoors as much as possible to remain healthy.