10 Residential Plot Features You Must Check Before Investing

If you’re on your journey to plotting your dream home, you must already be searching for the right plot of land. Finding the right plot can often be an arduous task considering there are a plethora of options available in the bustling world of real estate. So how does one find the right plot without losing a good night’s sleep? Let’s find out!

Finding the right plot often comes down to a combination of a few critical factors. New property buyers must be mindful of these features to make the most of their investment. Each factor is unique and speaks volumes about the investment, either directly or indirectly.

Location, Location, Location

The location of your residential plot is undoubtedly the most important feature you need to consider right in the beginning. Ideally, the plot should be proximal to everyday necessities like shops, hospitals, schools, transportation services, etc. It should also be close to your workplace for daily short-distance commutes that can save you a lot of time and money.

When shortlisting a property, ensure your plot enjoys proximity to both recreational and emergency hotspots in the city. Embassy Springs is a unique plotted development project by Embassy Group that’s strategically located in Devanahalli - currently Bangalore’s most sought-after location. Flanked by the Bengaluru International airport on one side and a plethora of hotspots on the other, the project enjoys a unique locational advantage that’s hard to find.

Future Potential

What’s your plot’s investment potential? Is your plot strategically located in the city’s most upcoming areas to bring you profitable returns in the future? If you’re investing in a plot, do keep into consideration its future prospects. The first thing you should think about is whether it has the potential to increase in value. Conducting extensive research is the best way to determine the potential of the residential plot. Infrastructure projects, government projects, private investments and facilities in and around the area may impact the plot's potential.

Quality of land

The quality of land is one of the most crucial factors when it comes to choosing your dream plot. Most buyers overlook this feature when buying property due to a lack of expertise or general ignorance. However, buyers must thoroughly examine the land before purchasing it. Checking for the land’s topography, soil quality, and availability of underground water are some things to check for.

The Plot’s Actual Value

You should refrain from purchasing a low-cost residential plot the moment you find one. That’s primarily because the cost could be just the tip of the iceberg. You should do your own research to determine the plot’s actual value and understand why the quoted price is lowAlways remember that a truly good plot will never be inexpensive. If you wish to determine the plot’s actual market value, speak to a real estate expert who can help you determine the same based on the plot’s location and market price trends.

Builder’s Authentication & Reputation

The real estate industry is fraught with all types of builders - those who are reputed and also those who dupe customers. As a buyer, you must perform a thorough background check on the builder and only buy from those who are credible and have a reputation in the market. Purchasing your property from a reputed builder ensures timely handover and risk-free processes.

Backed by over three decades of legacy, Embassy Springs is a reputed plotted development project by Embassy Group, one of India’s most respected developers with an outstanding track record. With thousands of happy residents who cherish their experience at Embassy Springs, this is a project for those who prefer absolute peace of mind.

Document Verification

You must always check the property documents thoroughly before purchasing your plot. It’s also highly recommended to have the document checked by legal experts. Doing so will reduce the chances of fraud and give you confidence and peace of mind. A few things such as the builder’s rightful name and RERA registration numbers are clearly mentioned in the sale deed documents.

A Great Community of Residents

Believe it or not, neighbors can play a big role in your quality of life. This would pay off in your social life and make you one with your community. Embassy Springs features a great community of residents who share a common interest in nature and well-being.

Quality of Infrastructure

Make sure the project your plot belongs to features great quality infrastructure such as the roads, the boundary walls, the clubhouse and more.

Embassy Springs is proud to be a benchmark project featuring the best quality materials in its construction. From the land to its supporting infrastructure, everything reflects a higher league of quality and promises its residents years of trust and value.

Percentage of Completion

Are you planning to purchase a plot within a project that’s almost complete or promises completion far into the future? There’s no joy like walking into a fully completed project. Embassy Springs enjoys a fully completed status and assures potential buyers of zero delays, bottlenecks or challenges between them and their dream plots.

Sustainability Factor

What’s the green quotient of the project? Does it have a great green cover? Does it feature ample empty space? Does it have a jogging track and a children’s playground? These factors are extremely important and can hugely determine your quality of life. And with Embassy Springs being one of North Bengaluru’s most coveted self-sustainable township, you’d find your dream home in the lap of nature!

Not all properties are what they seem. But these factors will help you decide if your investment is truly worth its salt. Your dream plot is just a few steps away and you must make sure your decision is right for you and your family.